Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great Lakes Rankings

Get 'em here.

Looks like Wisconsin stomped again, only outdone in stiffness by IIT, who got 2nd and will also travel down to Gator Country.

Congrats to Cal!

The Bear Bridge Army definitely deserves all the recognition. These Steel Bridgers have come a long, long way in the past 4 years, and they have a great Bridge: well fabricated, creative design, strong economy, and should be in the hunt for a top 3 spot at Gainesville. Well done Calatrava!

Hey Wisconsin, Cal may rival you for Team size this season...better get 'em all to Florida!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last Train to Clarkson...

Clarkson University takes Third at West Point.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Hang Tough Ags

Nothing but hard work and creative thinking is gonna put us where we want to be.

Reach For The Sky!


Badger of Honor

Well, a bit of drama it sounds like, but the Badgers pulled thorugh.

From ye ole' diary:
(4/28/08) - After an all-nighter prior to leaving, an interesting drive to Evansville, some last minute rule clarifications, a 11-hour wait, and incredible competition drama, the bridge pulled through and we captured the 2008 Great Lakes Regional. There were some great bridges there this year and the competition just keeps getting stronger and stronger. We've got a few fixes to make and things to iron out, but preparation for this year's NSSBC in Gainesville has begun!

Return of the Nanook

It's Alaska, Fairbanks in the PNW. Pop Turner spaced on getting pics at Portland State, but here's a good write-up on the Regional Champ.

Akron Needs Your Help


Dear ASCE Student Chapter Board Members, recently, the University of Akron ASCE student chapter teams placed 1stin the Steel Bridge competition and 2nd in the Concrete Canoe competitionin the Ohio Valley Student Conference. These positions qualify both teamsto attend the National Competitions. However, due to a transfer from the North Central Conference to the OhioValley Conference, our eligibility to attend the National Concrete Canoeand Steel Bridge Competitions has been denied by National ASCE, and ourinvitations withheld.

This is currently under review by another committeefor National ASCE. It is our position that we are eligible and deservingof invitations to both national competitions. We are asking for support from other student chapters around the nationto ensure that our student chapter is given the opportunities we have earned. We invite you to go to our website to view the history and details of thisissue, as well as sign the petition that will be sent to the reviewing committee.

Our website, complete with the petition, is Please forward this to other ASCE Student Members. This issue could affect your student chapters in the future.


Nathaniel Foote
The University of Akron
ASCE Student Chapter President

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ohhhh, we goin' global with this baby!

Some pics are at the link below.

This was held in Turkey @ Boğaziçi Üniversitesi.
Make sure to follow the 2008 D&C link.

SESC Ranks

Ranks only here



If CPP isn't going to make it, then it looks like UCLA will make an appearance in Gainesville. First time for the Bruins, and the fourth UC at Nats!

CSUs...need to pick it up in '09...

Also, a special address from Bart Quimby to the PSWRC, the NSSBC Competitors, and the world of engineering academia: "Back to Statics"

"I made a comment in regards to the high failure rate that occurred during the steel bridge competition. I suggested that the students could use some review as far back as statics."

"Indeed, I think that making these projects into credit courses does a great disservice to the students that stand to benefit the most from the experience."

Agreed, and uh, agreed. We'll go even further to say that student fabrication should be required, with the exception that experienced welders of any designation, be it student, staff or professional should be allowed to contribute.

The Last of the Qualifiers...

Hopefully we'll know soon enough:
Great Lakes @ The University of Evansville
Pacific Northwest @ Portland State University
Mid-Pacific @ UC Davis
Guesses are that Wisconsin-Madison mopped up again in Evansville, PNW is usually up for grabs though the Alaskans, OIT, Portland State and Idaho tend to do well. Matt's pop, ex-Aggie Offensive Tackle from '71-'72, Lonnie Turner, is getting some recon pics (none of the qualifiers will be posted here unless deemed cool by the competing team).

Some of MidPac (No Cal or Davis):
Big Sac @ Aesthetics

San Jo's Counterweight: "Los Radicales!"

Chico State Loading

San Francisco State finishing up

The Dark Horses from Santa Clara U

Fresno State Bulldogs (who the Ags will play in the fall of '09)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Streak ends at 4!

We're pretty sure Cal edged us out at the Revolutionary MidPac. This MidPac duo is gonna be good award placements to follow sometime this week.

UNO Fabrication

'Nawlins has a new video of some of their 2008 Deck fabrication on YouTube. These guys got the right idea when it comes to beam fab...get some supports in their to prevent warping when welding. We tend to put about like 40 clamps on 'er while in an exact position, but you know, whatever works to keep it straight. Thinking the bent tube triangles is a good idea. Tomás Bell suggested we do that a little while back, and it'd probably save us a lot of trouble.

MidPac está aqui!

Looks like a quality field! We expect a showing from Cal as they've definitely made efforts to improve their speed, and the structure, well, looks stiff and very competitive. Chico returns to us, and will no doubt be in the hunt. Dark horses go to SFSU and San Jose State. Oh wait, sorry Santa Clara...we know you're the true Dark Horse ;-)

Let's get it on for MidPac Steel Bridge!!!

Canoe notes from Friday:

Men's Endurance: Nevada Reno
Women's Endurance: Nevada Reno
Men's Sprint: Cal
Women's Sprint: Cal
Co-Ed Sprint: Cal (with UC Davis fighting for second with Reno!!!)

Friday, April 25, 2008


Suny Canton takes the Upstate Nueva York Crown once again at West Point.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Googley Moogely

The best from the Mid-Con are on Google Video...

Just type in "steel bridge" and search.

UMKC looks great, total control and understanding of their Bridge. Should be very competitive at Nats with that 4 person crew.

Kansas State put up the 10 chorder about as fast as you can, also very nice.

Best of luck to the Mid-Cons!
Some pics from Duke Steel Bridge are up on Webshots.



Villy had a solid year.

Link here at the Villanovan

Oh no! NOVA!

Triton Time

It seems UCSD was the class of the PSWRC...even with big weight penalties they still managed a NSSBC spot. Nice job Tritons!

Check it out

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This dude's funny

For all engineering dudes who don't know how to pick up chicks...take it from TAMUK's Master Playa.



Hey everybody!

We Made Wikipedia!!!

More Aggie Press

We're in the paper again!

The California Aggie

Another link on MidPac. Here.

Also, if you want a good laugh, try this one...Reuters.

MidPac Notes

Once again dear friends!

1. Construction will take place on the 2nd level (ground level) of the Mondavi Parking Structure. The surface is a brushed concrete, it is not polished, so there shouldn't be too much slipping going on. There is a slight grade in the structure, it is not severe.

2. There will be one construction site and two loading areas.

3. The measurements will be taken from the INNERMOST point of what the judges define as the decking support as that which complies with the NSSBC Rules. This will take into account any torsional deflection as well. The same is for all competitors so no whining.

4. Two 3 inch gauges will be used for the first two measurements D1A and D1B, aka "Left Targets". A 2 inch gauge will be used for D2, aka "Right Target".

5. Weights will consist of heavy channel with plenty of finger room. (Right Chico and Big Sac?)

6. The Chrome Ollie Lab (Structures Lab) located at 1203/1205 Bainer Hall will be open Thursday night for any repairs from 6pm to 9pm. We have a fully functional MIG and TIG welder with 4130 Alloy filler available (it will melt into any steel so no worries).

7. Finding construction site areas around campus may be rough, get creative, and if you're gonna set up in a parking structure do it after 10 p.m. All of them have lights on the intermediate levels. The Bainer Porch is reserved for UC Davis.

8. Please be civil with each other, and you really shouldn't test the cops.

9. At some point during the day on Saturday a special Aggie guest will be there shaking hands and gettin' down!

10. Remember to have fun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CPP vid

From the PSWRC 2008, Cal Poly Pomona will not be able to attend Gainesville because of a missed meeting, but the action is always welcome on YouTube.

Load Tested, Aggie Approved

We load tested last night, and things look great, the Bridge didn't even talk to us for a change, so we're stoked. Numbers are solid, so we're pushing on through construction to get 'er down to the most minimal number of minutes and seconds.

Here's a cool vid (1 of 9) on the construction of the Viaduc de Millau...hope you can speak
ÉTS, maybe you could give some insight.

Pre Write up on Upstate

From West Point just prior to the Upstate New York.

Army Steel Bridge

Congrats to SUNY Canton and the University of Buffalo! Goin' ta Gainesville!

Pat Higgins and Steve Kraus get a little PT in.

MS & T

Little blurb on Missouri S & T's finish at the Mid-Con


(got some hotties on that team...the girls are pretty too!)

UD Write Up

Delaware gets press!


mighty fine lookin' structure. Looks stiff as hell!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mid-Con run down...

Get 'er here. Looks like the Roos were bloody good.


Oh the agony of wrapping up all the last minute mods. We're set to roll here in Davis this Saturday, looking for a good battle, and it's definitely gonna happen. Kelly continues to scramble and it's very entertaining, but she can dance her way through anything. Let's get it on NORCAL and Reno!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Weekend

It's Picnic Day in Davis! This Saturday we'll be running full on construction runs in front of what we hope will be large crowds all up in our business on the Bainer Porch. Supposed to be rain on Sunday, but not Saturday so let's hope. Praying for NO RAIN!!!

Conferences this weekend:

Upstate New York @ USMA West Point

Mid-Continent @ Univ. of Arkansas

Virginias @ WV Tech and Fairmont State (jointly hosted)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LTU itty bitty writeup

From the LTU C of CE website. Link

Kangaroo Elvis

They've left the building ladies and gents.

UMKC has hit the road and will take on the Mid-Continent's best at the University of Arkansas this weekend. Good Luck Roos!

Steel Roos

Lions of Nittany Status

Penn State nabs the 2nd Place spot in the Mid-Atlantic...does this mean that only the Blue Hens and Penn State have qualified out of the Mid-Atl? Not sure how many competed.

From Penn State

WKU Qualifies

As the third place Overall in the Ohio Valley, the Hilltoppers are in at Gainesville.


Salukis set for Arkansas

SIU Carbondale's Canoe and Bridge are ready to rumble in Hogland.


Clemson too in the Carolinas

The Tigres take 2nd Place at North Carolina A & T, continuing a line of success that goes way way back. Awesome job Clemson!

3CT and Clemson Steel Bridge Advance

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UMKC 2006

UMKC's 2006 Regional Run is now up on the Tuber.

Missouri S & T


'Round Here...

...we've just been bolt tabbin'.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Georgia Tech

The Yellow Jackets look to have been ready to build at North Carolina A & T. First Overall, First place in Speed and Economy, and 2nd in all Structural ones. Did Clemson mop up on Structure? Hopefully, there will be an answer soon.

GT's Gettin' 'r dun!


Looks like CCNY is the other qualifier from the Metro.


Sunday, April 13, 2008


We've hit a consistant point in assembly. Now it's just the fine tuning, and practice, practice, practice to speed up what we can. Well done, let's finish up all loose ends this week and see how she holds.

Practice Tonight

Let's strap it up Ags! No rest for the weary!

Stevens Tech Article

From the Stute, about the Stevens Tech hosting of the Metropolitan Regional Steel Bridge Competition.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rocky Top

The placements have been posted by CSM.

Looks like:

1. Utah State
2. Wyoming
3. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Congrats all!

Cal Day

UC Berkeley had a big to do today during Cal Day. Their structure looks solid, a little more practice and they'll be ready for Mid-Pac. Go Bears! (just, uh, not so much go at Mid-Pac ;-p) Looking forward to it!

Wolfpack, Gators, Bulldogs, Spartans, Wildcats, Hornets, Broncos...can't wait to see you all here! We'll be on the 2nd Level of the Mondavi Parking Structure, good surface, almost no sliding, plenty of light yet out of the sun, and we've got good judges to oversee it all.

One bummer though is that Ryerson isn't going to make the trip.

More Husky Power

This time from Michigan Tech! 2nd Place in the North Central!

Photos on Flickr from the Nor'Central

Friday, April 11, 2008


Just dropped another 1:30, great job Chrome Crew!



Eeeek, a sagger. Best of luck next season Wenty.

Vid out of Stevens Tech

From the Metropolitan, Stevens Tech hosted! Is this NYCC?

Northeastern Article

Husky dominance in New Hampshire

It's Delaware in the Mid-Atlantic

Oh snap! Lafayette's run ends at just two years, as the Blue Hens head into Easton and come out with 4 golds including the Overall. Great job UD!

Blue Hen SBT 2008

construction run

Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Big Crowd

After our first runs this week, we've finally got Los Locos coming out to watch us do our thing in front of Bainer tonight. The whole of the Aggie ASCE gang will be on hand to see our squad burn through construction. After last night, we should be amped up to improve even more as we've already cut off huge chunks of time off our first runs.

How do we not overload the barges with too much work? We're working on it, film at 11, seriously, film at 11, SONY film.


I believe this blogger is from Geneva College out of the Ohio Valley, regardless, beating Ohio State and Cinci is a testament to what it truly takes to do well in this competition...dedication, solid design, hard work, and IDEAS.

NJIT Otra Vez

Another article on the Metro win by New Jersey Tech.

This one's better

Swarthmore Article

Swarthmore competes in the Mid-Atlantic in case it wasn't readily known.

Article Link From the Phoenix Online

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

UCI Sums Up

No NSSBC for the Anteaters, but you gotta give all the love and respect for UCI as they made the effort to fabricate their own Bridge, even a Pink one! Ha!

From UCI SB Blog

So it's:

1. Cal Poly Pomona
3. Hawai'i

Glad to see the Hawaiians will be in Florida. Great job Warriors!!! And to CP Squared and the Tritons, once more into the NSSBC breach dear friends. Great job in the Southwest to everybody who competed in Northridge.

Wicked Pissah (cliché, yes, couldn't resist)

Northeastern Husky Evan's Blog, that's stiff!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pics from PSWRC in Northridge

Looks like Cal Poly Pomona takes Gold in the biggest Regional Steel Bridge field west of the Mississippi.

CPP Team

CPP Construction

More CPP Construction (UCSD Background)

Some of the Lineup

CPSLO Failure

CP Squared Takes it Home!

Word From a Zip!

I just wanted to thank Ohio Valley, and Youngstown State University in particular for their outstanding hospitality over the past weekend. The conference was remarkable. Also, thank you to Team Chrome Ollie for keeping the world up to date on everything Steel Bridge. Hopefully we will have our pictures up soon from conference at our website Akron ASCE. We look forward to seeing everyone in Gainseville!

Nate Foote

Well done Akron!

Aggie Status

We had our first construction practice last night with a good batch of newbie constructors. The improvement in just 4 or 5 runs was pretty remarkable. A Good Start!

On the Bridge we're still in the process of revamping certain parts: the Pier Lat bottom connectors need to be relocated for better rigidity, we need to make the stress ribbons, if only for the keystone, perhaps for the OT 3/5, need finish welds on the outside of the some of the OT, along with custom mini gussets, need finish welds on the outriggers, need TIG welds on the span lat tops, still plenty to do here, oh yeah, bolt tabs too.

North Central Finishers

Gator Nation Qualifiers:

1. LTU
2. Michigan Tech (1st Time in over 10 Years!!!)

New England Article

Northeastern's design looks familiar...way to go Huskies!

New England Regional Link

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Lowdown from New Hampshire

MIT is in again with a 2nd Place finish! Looks like Northeastern had the top Bridge, and UConn finished behind MIT in third place. Because of the 11 Teams who registered, all THREE will be coming from the New England Regional.

The Whole Story can be found HERE on MIT's blog of sorts.

Itz NJIT Again.

Jersey Tech still getting it done.

Highlanders prevail!

PICS from the Deep South

Get 'em HERE.

Overall winners:

1. University of N'awlins
2. Louisiana State
3. Arkansas State

The Privateers just dominated the whole field in Baton Rouge, winning everything but aesthetics.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Couple vids From Golden

Rocky Mountain Conference...Golden, CO hosted by Colorado School of Mines...home of the 2004 NSSBC.

Daaaaaamn, look at that prestress in that girder!



Utah State gets it done (Link)

Not Bridge Related but...

Cool local video on the Deep South Concrete Canoers.

Froooooooom Baton Rouge

Looks like LA Tech's got a hold on it all.

From the Carolinas
And here's a little from another land o' Ags, North Carolina A & T. The CCT boat looks pretty sweet.

From NC A & T - Nobody Blows Like the Ags!

That baby floats!!!

YSU Article

Youngstown gets some press

YSU Penguin Power

Link to Pics from Ohio Valley Regional

1st Place, Structural Efficiency: Youngstown State University
1st Place, Stiffness: University of Akron
1st Place, Construction Economy: University of Akron
1st Place, Lightness: Youngstown State University
1st Place, Construction Speed: Western Kentucky University
1st Place, Aesthetics: Western Kentucky University

1st Place, Best Overall: University of Akron
2nd Place, Best Overall: Youngstown State University
3rd Place, Best Overall: Western Kentucky University

*Note the first place finishes in stiffness and Economy for Akron, this is key!

We'd Love to Hear From You!

New England
Ohio Valley
Rocky Mountain
Pacific Southwest
North Central
Deep South

We'd love to hear from all of you about how well everybody did in Steel Bridge!

Best of luck to all, hope it turned out the way you wanted it to!

Couple of... from the North Central. Pretty harsh words from the Spartan there in the caption.

Penguin Pics

Straight outta the Ohio Valley Conference:

Go Guins!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


This Bridge is so damn tight we're getting prestress moment, microshims should help but we'll see if we can alleviate the prestress by other means. Just Pier Lats to go! woo hoo! Great job Ags!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


...finished. Should be wrapping up this Friday, April 4th. Great job everybody coming back strong after spring break. We're all going bowling!!!

PSWRC set to Roll!

The Southwest's best will be going at each other Friday, April 4th at Northridge. Best of luck to all those competing. We'll see if UCSD, UCI and the Matadors can repeat or whether or not Cal Poly SLO will make a Bridge that isn't solely built for efficiency. Also in the region are UNLV, past NSSBC host San Diego State, CP squared (Cal Poly Pomona), Hawai'i, Fully, Cal State LA, Beach, UCLA, U$C, Loyola Marymount, Northern Arizona, AZ Wildcats, and those party heartiers Tokyo Tech, oh and Arizona State.

Turning the Tide

'Bama gets in on the SE award show...much improved from last season.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

UCF pics

Some pics from the fabrication of the UCF puente:

Lafayette Skull and Bones

Steel Bridgers website of death. Very punk, kudos!!!

Lafayette Steel Bridge: They're still going you beat you.

Leopard SBT site
Link on Mid-Atlantic Regional

Alabama article

Link here

Not Much New Here...

The 2008 Southeast Overall Steel Bridge rankings were as follows:

1. Southern Poly
2. Florida
3. North Florida

There seems to be a recurring theme here. While the Gators were disappointed they didn't take top honors, they gave all due credit to SPSU for their assembly run, which was apparently a complete blaze. Southern Poly was also noted for having an a Bridge of exceptional quality. There was also some due note to a slopey construction course which may have caused some problemos. However, you can't keep good SB programs down, as the top 3 repeat yet again.

Could the Hornets be in the hunt for the NSSBC title? Sounds like they're making a case. As for the Gators and North Florida, no doubt, the hard work in the coming weeks will lead to a much better showing in Gainesville.