Monday, April 30, 2007

Bucky Wins!

2007 Great Lakes Regionals Champions

Go Badgers!

Great Lakes Regional Competition

There's a bunch of footage from Purdue up on YouTube. Not sure if certain schools are cool with this being up, but it's there. A lot of nice trusses at West Lafayette, along with some multiple girder designs. UIC seems to have provided the footage.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mid-Con Placements

Results from Topeka:

1st Place - UMKC, 'Roos take MidCon-07

2nd Place - K-State's Steel Willie rides again

3rd Place - Mizzou, back in the NSSBC action

SUNY Canton Needs Donations!!!

The Northstars have an assembly video up to aid their cause.

Gotta get at least 6 plane tix to LAX.

Potential sponsors can contact them here:

UIUC News from Purdue

Looks like UIUC will be going to Northridge, hmmmm...I wonder who got first at the Great Lakes.

More from RPI on Rich's Blog

RPI account of Upstate New York Conference:

Mid-Pac Attack

Wow, what a great friggin' conference! Thanks to San Jose State for setting up the Canoe Races, Volleyball, and the Tug-O-War at Lake Cunningham and to Santa Clara for hosting the Steel Bridge, Concrete Bowling, and the Canoe presentations.
Results were as follows:

Concrete Canoe
Races Overall - Cal
Design Paper - Nevada
Presentation - Nevada
Final Product - Nevada

1st - Nevada
(Wolf - Pack! Wolf - Pack!, the dude with the flag was awesome!)
2nd - Cal (Bear Force One was fast, now it's got a hole in its side though)
3rd - UC Davis (Aggie GT baby!!!)
Steel Bridge
Stiffness - Cal
Lightness - UC Davis
Efficiency - UC Davis
Speed - UC Davis (Byaaaaaah!)
Economy - UC Davis (Great Job Chrome Crew)
Aesthetics - UC Davis

1st - UC Davis (Phil, much effort, you deserve it!)
2nd - SF State University (1st time EVER going to Nats, Go SF Gators!)
3rd - Cal

Mead Paper - Big Sac
Volleyball - Nevada
Concrete Bowling - Nevada
Tug-O-War - San Jo, You Know!



Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last words before Mid-Pac...

We're ready.

Assembly is peaking at the right time. We're running faster now than ever.

Our weight is good (but not GREAT!).

Our stiffness is good an we have faith in our torsional stress fix as well as the confirmed load test results from Monday.

Let's get it on in Santa Clara!!!

MIT pepping for Northridge

Check it out here:

Steel Willie all set to Roll at MidCon

Kansas State primed for the big competition at KU.

Our Progress

Last updated: April 5, 2007

We test-loaded the bridge last Saturday and it held all the weight. We are now putting the finishing touches on it to prepare it for competition. We also recently began to practice our construction time. We’re going to win the whole competition!

Sick 'em Cats!

NJIT yet again...

Jersey Tech keeps getting some sweet press.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

UC San Diego goin' a little radiCAL.

The Tritons get a little old school on their Bridge while hosting the Pacific Southwest.

This thing is 273 lbs? Look lighter than that...hmmm.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

UW Mad Article

Nerves of steel...this is a really good article, sums up everything very well.



PSWRC Results

Scores from San Diego, get 'em here lads and lassies!

Looks like our NSSBC host, CSUN takes gold, UC Irvine has finally made it to Nats, and the host UC San Diego Tritons take 3rd place and earn a quick trip up to Northridge.


Go Anteaters!

Triton Power!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dayton failure at Columbus

Not trying to put Dayton in a bad light, but this is a good video to see how a steel bridge could fail.

small NJIT buzz...

In the Jersey Tech News:


Loading successful.

The structural modifications did their trick and strangely have not affected assembly in a negative way. Now to just get both sides smoking during assembly. We're about 2 to 3 minutes away from having a good, complete score.

(FEM torsional model of a square bar)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Penguin Assembly

From the 2007 Ohio Valley, comes the regional champs: The Youngstown Penguins.

Oh Baby!

Matt's sister just had a baby up in Portland.
Turner's an uncle! (a little scary)

Here's to Georgia Grace!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Amid the tragedy on campus, the Hokies earned first place honors at VMI.

Esta semana en el puente de acero.

Well, it has been dramatic these past few days. True to Chrome Ollie form, we always seem to get a lesson in fracture mechanics about 10 days away from competition. Everything has been fixed up though. One of the benefits of having extemeley rigid connections is that there is a lot of redundant structural safety should something go horribly wrong. While this is good for bridges in reality - not so good for the NSSBC. Doctoring up our torsional rigidity a bit more, we'll begin full scale practice again tonight. Bridge looked very stiff right before yield and fracture, just need to cut the twist out a hair more.

Re-load test Sunday night 4/22 after practice.

Only one more week now...we need greasy, fast, speed Rock!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rocky Mountain is Cowboy Country

The Rocky Mountain Steel Bridge results from Boulder have been confirmed.


1st - University of Wyoming
2nd - South Dakota School of Mines
3rd - Colorado School of Mines

Word from a CSMer is that Wyoming had a radical, hard working construction crew that just blew doors on everybody.

It's the Highlanders!!!

NJIT takes the Metro yet again by darn near sweeping every category at City Tech in Brooklyn.

Cornell Regional Write Ups

Links Here Dudes:

video from Fairbanks

Portland State has earned the 2007 PNWRC Overall Championship! Go Viks!

gets second.
(?) gets third.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VT tragedy

Our hearts and prayers go out to the students, as well as their friends and families, who fell victim to the shootings in Blacksburg on Monday.

Hokies are on our minds.

Monday, April 16, 2007

RPI from Rich's Blog - & Northstar Dominance

Link here:

Upstate New York is always a good Steel Bridge Conference.

Also, news on SUNY Canton, practially real-time right after conference, awesome:

The University of Quebec Ecole de Technologie Superieure in Montreal
will join in on the SoCal fun, hide the beer for a little while before you cut 'em loose!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

UAF hosts with a twist

Some new testing equipment was implemented at the 2007 PNWRC held in Fairbanks, AK. The hyper-accurate scales are a must, would be interesting to see the hydraulic loading system. A totally selfless UAF squad hosting and foregoing their own participation, awesome stuff. Hope it went well and results will be posted soon.

Upstate New York

We've received word that SUNY Canton, defending NSSBC runner up, is definitely headed to the Northridge Nats. Great job Northstars! Still awaiting word from some of the other conferences, and the other qualifiers who competed at Cornell.

Austin gets the interview.

NIce weather we're having.

It's always hard to remember how spoiled we are here in California until you hear all the whining about a little wind and rain during a weekend. Picnic Day was a total wash -- except for Chrome Ollie! Yes, the all weather, all hour practice zone in front of Bainer proved to be a big focal point for onlookers yesterday. We got in about 7 or 8 practice runs, some hiccups here and there, but it is nothing short of awesome how fast we are already on only our 3rd day. That practice with the 2K5 bridge really helped.

We've still got some bolt tabs to finish up on the Bridge here and there, we also need to make tools for the pieramid bases to help keep the bridge from sliding so easy. Some DT ramps are in the works to aid the assembly effort's need for quickness to get the Deck out. We also need to round a few edges here and there on the DT's for the DK. Everything fits in the box and the weight is jolly good.

Stiffness...we'll find out come Monday or Tuesday, need to move the libre stacks in via forklift next week.
Great job everybody, let's get the rust off today from Saturday's saturation episode, maybe get a light clear coat for protection and get back at it.

Friday, April 13, 2007

LSU at Ruston

Still not sure here if Arkansas State is getting the Northridge nod or not. Mississippi State is in for sure, LSU could be invited if the Indians had some attendance issues.

Nonetheless here's some pics from LSU's Deep South effort:

Northeastern Regional Review

The Aggies get the honor of welcoming the Northeastern Huskies Football Team next fall in Davis at the new Aggie Stadium. Here's a little sypnosis of what happened to Northeastern at Storrs.

Getting to know your bridge...

First Construction Practice was last night. The Bridge looks friggin' great, all the connections are still really tight, so we have to file a wee bit here and there and get more practice in until everything starts clicking. The Chrome Crew tried out all the assemblies, everything seems reachable. A few fix its here and there, but putting that aside, the efficiency should be really good, and with a couple weeks to practice, we should be in business for SJ / SC Mid-Pac.

We'll practice hard this afternoon and evening in preparation for a decent showing at Picnic Day tomorrow. Forecast says it's gonna rain a bit, but that's cool 'cause it'll only pack more people in under the E. Bainer awning. Bigger crowds now, less jitters later. Byaaaaaaaah!