Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ASCE Student Conferences 2008

A list of all Regional ASCE/AISC Conferences is shown here.

Looks like ASCE has finally updated their student section on their site.

Possible trips for us: Iowa City, IA -- Orlando, FL -- Beaumont, TX -- Easton, PA -- Baton Rouge, LA...any advanced offering for lodging or knowledge exchange would be appreciated!!! All who wish to venture to Davis, CA can sleep at Matt's house, no worries about a hotel or a rental car within the city, all taken care of if you get in touch with Chrome Ollie.

Oh, Oh wait, dude check this out! Lamar University is hosting the Tex-Mex and it has been pushed all the way back to January 26th!!! That's like one more week of preparation than usual. Woohoo! Awesome! Do we really need to say we'll be rooting for down there?


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Okay, so half of our DK stock is pinch bent near the ends in a pretty shitty way. We'll have to send some of this back and get some straighter stuff asap. Good news is Chris and Jessica are downright annihilating the connection blanks. We've also found a way to cut about 20% of the DK connection weight without sacrificing integrity...AND we may get to use the EDM machine for possible dovetail scenarios (if crash program is needed). Score one for the rounded doves (if we need them).

(if we need them)....

(if we need them).... (please dear God no! we won't need them it's okay, this will work, this will work...)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Feliz Navidad de Wisconsin!

The Badgers are ready to rumble on the 7th.

Great job Wisconsin!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Big thanks to the lads and lassies in Highland. They got us our big steel order about 20 days faster than we thought it would take. Good call Delicious!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ink Lizzard

CO alum (2003-2005) Liz Rider has now attained the position of Newsletter Editor for the Sacramento Section Younger Member Forum. Way to go Liz!
Seen below at YMF's Holiday Party with Philthy Phil who's now at Kiewit (and trying to look interested about civil engineers talking "shop"...Ha!).
To any younguns out there in the Sac Valley who're outta school - go to these events, and mix it up with your own kind!!! YMF Sac Section Link (

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rumble, Young Team, Rumble

80% of our steel order has gone through and we look to begin the bulk of our cutting and precision milling come January 2nd, 2008! In the meantime Jessica, Joe and whoever else is about, will continue to push on what dovetail work we have, original estimates forgot that things get doubled when you're working in plenty more blanks to get well as a bunch of groovie aluminum jigs to help us keep things super precisio! Good luck with Finals all, they suck, yes, but you don't get paid without the degree...unless you work the street, and that sucks more so deal with it.

Until hell week freezes over...geez it's kinda cold, maybe it'll freeze over before we think it will.

Latuz out there...keep it real homies.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chopped Top

We're currently chopping down the OT to do two things:

1. Create a bridge more conducive for constructors of all heights.
2. Help bolt consolodation along the DK rail.

Should help - we'll lose a bit stiffness perhaps, but overall not much is changing.

Creative Adjustments = Good Times!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Walley's World

Good news from Chrome O alum Jennifer Walley.

On the verge of finishing her M.S. here at UC Davis, Cyco JW has received word she has been accepted into the Materials Science and Engineering Department Ph.D program at Georgia Tech.

Still waiting word from Ohio State's Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D program...

Woo Hoo!


While it's finally raining outside, we're as dry and focused in the shop as we've ever been.

Jessica and Matt decided to use the flanges that Joe and Rishi set up for the actual bridge, so we're already off and running. The main steel order from Highland will go in hopefully no later than Wednesday, December 5th. There is a "special" order going into PA, that we'll run off one of our personal Credit Cards because the supplier is still working in the middle ages...great for any true forging blacksmith though!
When that stuff comes in, we should be set to work with it. In the meantime we'll continue to press in the shop...teaching newbies the ropes as we go, while the returners and those with experience, will work on new pieces for real. We have no Tinius beam as of yet, but the quarter's almost over so no worries. We'll just cut and get all pieces ready in the meantime.

Matt and all those interested will finalize all details for the OT and DK. The mockup of the DK will be completed on a smaller scale, but we need a bit more flange tube to see how we can fab it. The protocol for the DK will be interesting, but perhaps with some precision aluminum pieces, it won't be as painful as we previously thought it would.
Meeting tonight, as with all Tuesdays in 1203/1205 Bainer. Besides just sitting and talking about jacko shizzo, we'll actually use these late open hours in the Student Shop to go in for an hour and a half to witness some of the basic mill, lathe, saw, and plasma cutting operations. Should be fun so come one come all!

Work for what you get Ags. Ain't nobody going to do it for you. Ain't nobody going to give you a damn thing. It's your Bridge, you can do it!