Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh Venuuuus...

We've come to a consensus on the "Venus" Design.

As of right now we are finalizing all section sizes from our detailed analytical models in SAP2000. We will send out for the steel order to our supplier in Highland this week.

Currently we are fabricating a m0ck up of our keystone to see how workable it is for construction, but rather than over analyze anything, we're pretty sure we'll learn how to deal with it. The key will be getting the bridge done in a quality fashion as soon as possible. Right now things are looking good because we're about 6 weeks ahead of our typical schedule so that'll mean 6 more weeks of practice right?

We're also going to start work on that DK model. We'll have to fabricate some custom aluminum spacers since it's such a major part of the bridge. When we've perfected the DK fabrication sequence we should be good to roll...AND if we find any trouble spots, we could conceivably switch our connection design to a dovetail/pin hybrid to make it work. It should be overly stout, however, as usual.

Construction sequencing can also commence as we've got a construction site that we'll work with some older Chrome Ollie models. The basic thing we'll have to figure out is "barge to builder interaction" and what will be quick vs. what will be too complicated.

It's always a good thing to keep those old models handy for early construction progression...good for the new people to have something in their hands rather than a baptism by fire in March or April.

Things are looking good here. Hope anybody reading is off to a good start too.

No Pain No Gain Aggies.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If you build it... will perform, BUT, can we build this baby?

Monday, November 19, 2007


Our last batch of runs from Saturday didn't give us any amazing answers. We'll have to discuss the numbers and talk about the scoring and see what it is we really want our bridge to perform to. 0.15" better stiffness, 15 pounds lighter, or do we want to go for broke on speed...hmmm that loading is the damn juggernaut bitch! We'll just have to talk Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday...

Steel Orders go out the Monday after Thanksgiving...during which time we'll be working on our DK prototype. If we need to change the connection back to doves, we'll know soon enough.

"Don't you know who the f#@! I am?"

Are you a f'n ass?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Round Robin Saturday

AutoCAD, Construction Prep/Practice, Analysis, Welding and General Fabrication, we'll have a Round Robin of Steel Bridge stuff this Saturday.

Start up @ 9:30 a.m. - come earlier if you're a gamer.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fab has begun

Hey dudes and dudettes,

Joe has commenced work on the steel racks for the Loft, and Miss Delicious has begun dovetail work. We're off and running. Woo hoo!

Homer says!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Yo yo yo, Chrome-O,

Returners are meeting tonight, Thursday 11/8, in 1203/1205 @ 5:00 p.m. to watch film on the 2005 Steel Bridge run in Orlando. We're worried about being able to bail away from the bridge if a barge gets stuck on the inside. Hopefully Mr. Fleck and Turndawg will be discussing some preliminary fabrication projects to take shape this Friday and next week. We'll need to order material for the DK mock up.

This Saturday, 11/10, we'll have an informal meeting from 10 a.m. to 12 noon to discuss connections, construction and the upcoming month where we'll need to get into it for real. The design will be finished by 11/20 - there will be one last analysis session on 11/17 (vs. Univ. of San Diego for the football team at home by the way) to run the most detailed models of our design choices. We'll determine our fate Sunday 11/18 and then sleep on it for two more nights, then make our final decision on the meeting for Tuesday 11/20, right before Turkey break.

ALSO, FYI --- There will be a second rules quiz next Tuesday 11/13. This one will be written with about 30 or 40 multiple choice/TorF questions. We'll discuss the answers and make sure we're ALL getting a grasp for this years boundaries and regulations...yes...Rules suck, but there as important as making a perfect bridge, in fact, we can't make a perfect bridge without them.

Until then, study hard, midterms suck, but No Pain No Gain.

Reach For the Sky Big Ags!

Matt might get his first cut this Saturday at Urban there to witness the agony.

Friday, November 02, 2007

USF Bulls

Think all that USF has is an upstart football team looking to prove itself? Wrong! They've got a pretty decent Steel Bridge Team that's still trying to break it's way through the hyper-competitive Southeast Conference en route to Gainesville this season.

Daaaaa Bulls!

USF SBT Google Group here.


The North Central Conferences' Lawrence Technological University is up and running for 2008.

LTU (2nd Place Lightness - 2007 NSSBC)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

11/3 - Causeway Saturday

We're most likely taking this Saturday off. Midterms next week, and we're in a good position analytically so we won't need to press so much. Our best design so far is a very ambitious model. We'll need to brainstorm fabrication techniques before we make the decision to go ahead with it, but it's buildable. A few old school "Penn State" tricks might be in store to make the design easier to build.

After midterms are basically over, we'll go ahead and mock up a connection in the real for the DK and the OT. It should be pretty basic, but without tapered doves, we'll have to be that much more precise and make sure everything is easy to work with assembly-wise...otherwise it isn't worth the effort. The main purpose of the new connections is for speed, not only during assembly, but in the shop. Round one coming soon folks, get fabrication assignments from Miss Delicious aka Jessica Revell.

Go Ags! Swat them Hornets!