Thursday, August 23, 2007


We're going to set up a simple SAP deck startup file and rerun all pertinent bridge selections up 'til now so we don't get any more conflicting analytical numbers. Friggin' SAP, always helping us maintain quality control. After the checks on our previous numbers, we'll start to try structural additions on the deck and/or anywhere else we can think of.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The wedding was beautiful! Best of luck to Frank and Karen in the future. Have fun in Greece!


This Wednesday we'll analyze some different style bridges. Basically geometry changes on trusses, we'll also get a sense for axial and bending loads across the span at best case (1,6) and worst case (6,1) loadings. Construction analysis will continue to progress.

In the meantime, just keep on rockin', NO IDEAS BARRED!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Alumni News

This weekend, 2004 Chrome Ollie alumni and welding extraordinaire Karen Lam is getting married to 2003-2004 University of Michigan Steel Bridge alumni Frank Duff in Frankenmuth, MI. Yes, they met at a Steel Bridge Competition, 2004 Nationals in Golden, CO.

Congratulations Frank and Karen!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Style

On to the next batch of bridges...these ones are done for now.

Let's tinker...

Presenting to the Big Bridge Cats...

We've been officially invited to speak during lunch at the Roberts/Gerwick Memorial California Bridge Conference in Sacramento. Our event will take place on Wednesday, September 19th, from 11:45am - 1:15pm. We will display the 2005 bridge and/or the 2007 bridge. To give a clear presentation we will probably need at least two speakers, though Delicious could probably do the thing herself. Above all we'll need a crew of at least 3 people to set up the bridges for presentation. Perhaps a cleaning and aesthetic party will be needed for the 2007 bridge. The 2005 bridge still looks cherry, so no worries there. Also, we'll need transport to Sac. The bridges will be encased in 4 large boxes. If anybody has a truck, or at least a lot of trunk space, then bring it on out, otherwise we'll have to get a department truck. The event will take place at the Holiday Inn, 300 J Street in Sac.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Construction Analysis

It's so damn difficult to get an idea on how fast these bridges can be assembled.

You got sequences heavy on 1 member assemblies.
You got sequences trying to utilize all 3 member assemblies.
You've got barges, 1 or 2.
You've got coordination between barge(s) and the the banks.
You've gotta keep all hands occupied, not just the barges.
You've gotta mind the floodway.
You've gotta keep those bolts minimal, or do you just keep it straight forward and work the 3 member assemblies.

Ughhh, it's a headache.

At this point, designing a bridge with the most viable construction options may be the best bet for a goot economy.

Right now, we'll just get a rough idea of how many good options there are for each bridge.

Then we'll strip down efficiency into primal components and dig in for a few weeks coming up with the best structures. the meantime of all of this, we'll see if we can work the "overdeck" into the equation. It'll be tougher to fab, but it may prove too efficient to pass up.

Go Ags!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

First Analysii

Initial results were not astounding, the 4 bridges behaved relatively in the same matter. There is an obvious structural similarity with each bridge type, and the subtle differences between them didn't make that much difference. Today we will get a solid construction index for each bridge, talk some other possible designs, and then decide how we want to proceed with design progression (i.e. geometry tricks, different decks, "overdecks" etc.).

Side note: Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals tonight at Ford Field. Former Aggie WR Tony Kays (#13) is playing for the Bengals while Former Aggie QB J.T. O'Sullivan (#14) is going to get a great deal of playing time for Detroit as he's battling Dan O for the backup QB spot behind Kitna.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This is DAVIS!

As we continue to gather our forces at the entry to the Hot Gates, we are analyzing our attack and defense plans as we go. Tuesday, 8/7, we will analyze 4 of our basic designs in SAP 2000 v. 10. We also have geometric variatons of each design along with one new one, lower in profile, that we will get into after our initial results. Weight, average deflection across 2 or 3 different loading scenarios, and other factors such as construction index will be considered for each design. The Persians don't stand a chance against our spears and determination.


Friday, August 03, 2007


Me hankkia formuloida neljä emäksinen peli kirjake , joka ainoa -lta heidät has by muuttaa että me toukokuu hankkia jotta sisu jotta koska -lta hieman muuttaa lastaus käsikirjoitus ja kaivata ajaksi jäykistyä ( ei sytytin ) peli. Aikoinaan me panna alku- runo we'll asiakassuhde eri aikoa joten että he aari enemmän constructable. Jäljessä että , me jälkisäädös ajatella -lta telapölkyt jotta edistyä dekki esitys , koska kummuta koska jokin kansirakenteet jalkeilla edellä. Tokko paikalla on ainoa asia että me osata jokseenkin se on kuinka jotta kasata bridge-peli joutuin. Me jälkisäädös arastella jotta meidän guns nyt kuluva höystää ja johtua rikki ampuva. Sisu Ags!