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Georgia Tech, 15th overall, great beam web idea!

Oh my God, it's a Georgia Tech Steel Bridge article!!!

Must've just missed it before Nats, enjoy:

SUNY Canton finishes 7th in '07

Best voice volume during Assembly, definitely, they looked polished and had a great design. Nice work Northstars! Look out for these fellas in 2008!

Viks hit 34th, disappointment

Portland state wanted better for themselves. With all areas in the right place, looked like PSU would've finished about 10th Overall.

Story from the PSU Vanguard here homies:

Also, looks like PSU is hosting the 2008 PNWRC. Sounds like a good roadtrip for Chrome Ollie, Matt has family in Gresham.


Big changes in bridge type for 2008, can't you feel it?...

Until August everyone, try to get some real work done, ha!

Chrome O recaps 2007

Links here Dudes:

Thanks to Jonas Mari of the California Aggie, UC Davis' student newspaper, and Heidi Steiner Arnold from CEE for the great coverage.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

YSU gets Speedy with it...

The Penguin facts from the 2007 NSSBC:

The team competed in the 2007 National Student Steel Bridge Competition at Cal State Northridge on May 25th and 26th. After many hours in the shop and several late night practices, the Youngstown State University Bridge Team brought home more hardware than they took to Los Angeles, winning a first place award for Construction Speed and a third place award for Construction Economy. Congratulations team!

NJIT results from "UC Northridge"

Link here dudes:

Lafayette Earns 5th

Leopards will definitely be in the hunt next season, they were more than good enough for first this season. Great Bridge guys!

Wanna see that Documentary so, so bad!

Bucky Pride

Wisconsin Badgers: 3rd Overall, 1st Display.

Monday, May 28, 2007

UF 2008 NSSBC Video


Go Gators, can't wait!

2007 NSSBC Awards - "De Los Ojos de un Aggie."

Hello Bridge Bums! Did everybody make it home okay? Hopefully, the smog didn't infect everybody with anything really bad. Even us Californians forget how much it sucks until you go down into the concrete jungle that is the Los Angeles area.

So how was the competition? Did we all meet cool people and learn some new ideas for next season? As you all know, anybody earning a trip to the 2008 Nationals will be traveling down to The Swamp in Gainesville at the University of Florida. Sputo and company are going to put up an awesome NSSBC inside the O'Connell Center. Which is home of the 2 time defending NCAA Basketball Champs, the Florida Gators. We here at UC Davis hope you all earn another trip to the NSSBC in 2008.

UC Davis Random Rememberings from the 2007 NSSBC:

*The lovely Citrus Ginger everything in the hotel rooms by Bath and Body Works, never have we smelt so much like Citrus and Ginger.

*The courteous call by Marriott management to keep the noise down before we even made any. Perhaps provoked by someone? Hmm, anybody, anybody? Let's go to the pool! Screw you Marriott, controlling bastards!

*If you're looking for an ego boost, don't weigh yourself with the NSSBC scales.

*Hearing about the huge gash in the calf suffered by a Badger Builder. 14 stitches, that's a new high for Steel Bridge injuries. Can anybody top that? We sure can't, even with all the dovetails on the Bridge.

*The Crack Load Testing Squad on Saturday, including the "Dickhead"??? ;-)

*The Jolly Jug Liquor Store is way too shady to buy anything there.

*Beams can still fail under 2600 lbs. of load.

*There is a shortage of plywood for Northridge contractors at the moment.

*A lot of SBT's still have crappy support from their Civil Departments.

*Don't stop to eat in Coalinga.

*There's an advisor from NDSU originally from Egypt.

Now to the 2007 Awards, along with some silly commentary along the way…

Let's get the formalities out of the way first shall we?


1st Place Overall - North Dakota State University
It's Déjà vu all over again, as the Bison, who are the only University to win the NSSBC more than once, outdo themselves and become the first Steel Bridge Team to go Back-to-Back! The balls out lightweight design proved to be the biggest factor, as NDSU took home top honors in lightness (by a pretty wide margin in 30.5 lbs under LTU) at 116.5 lbs, and Efficiency at $947,500. Their construction team, including one temporary pier and one hobbling fellow with a bum ankle, put up a good time with 4 builders, about 4:58. We Aggies were half hoping they'd stick to their regional run, but they corrected everything and put in a legal run that was nice and clean. Great job and Congrats to North Dakota State for their 5th National Steel Bridge Title!

2nd Place Overall - University of California, Davis
Back in the Top 3! We're nothing short of stoked here in Davis for our effort this year. Our Assembly Team was comprised of completely new blood for the second year in a row, and despite the inherent tension at Nationals, we didn't commit a single penalty. No individual awards this season, but we did nab a close 4th in Efficiency at $1.045M just behind the very impressive all encompassing circular tubing design by the Lafayette Leopards. Super big groovy congrats to the Chrome Crew who, with the exception of the kick ass Texas Longhorns, put together their 44 member truss more economically than anybody else at Northridge.

3rd Place Overall - University of Wisconsin
Badgers in the 3 spot for the second straight season! Consistent is all you can say about Wisconsin. Year after year, bridge after bridge, they always come prepared and do well in all facets of the competition, INCLUDING…Display! For once, this years' Display winners actually made some friggin' sense! Wisconsin takes home first place in Display with their incredibly mirror like shine job. Plenty to look at on the deck as well, it was really a cool bridge and poster to lay your eyes on. The 5-man assembly squad were fast, furious and downright all business. Even despite the tiny mishap, they take home 9th for Economy. Efficiency may has well have been the same as us Aggies as they finished in 5th at $1.0675M. On Wisconsin!



A ton of people were either using temporary piers or counterweights or even a combination. The coolest counterweight has to go to Wisconsin, however, as it served two purposes, one to steady the pier set early, and then moved up to balance the deck assembly. Nice work Badgers. Grooviest Piers go to SFSU, nothing says "construct me" like a bright circular yellow Pacman looking temporary pier. Most "UC Davisesque" temporary pier goes to Lafayette. It was a sitting stool with the legs cut off I believe, something we'd probably do. Isn't it funny how some temporary tools you use to get a good practice in end up becoming the tool at the competition? Technique-wise, the deck toss of Southern Poly was awesome…and risky, but it worked for them. They had a 3 member deck assembly coming out, the two builders spread their arms out like a wingspan and cleared the revetment with a builder on each side of it, then flung it across to the builder on the other side laterally. It was cool to watch. We also gotta give props to Kansas State's use of the truss to act as a temporary pier. It was like was like watching the Carquinez Bridge go up a few years ago. Steel Willie set up their piers and trusses using counterweights, then hung chord/lateral assemblies down from the truss and laid their deck across the laterals like a suspension bridge. It was definitely something you don't see usually.


Looking for clean lines, clean welds, maybe a nice paint job, just plain clean and cherry, that's what's required here:

UC irvine
Georgia Tech
San Diego
Lawrence Tech


Talked with a dude from Delaware, and they drove from Delaware, whether or not MIT, Merrimack or UConn can top that is unknown, but the award goes to Delaware.


WD-40 and a nice buff pad was the secret apparently…Wisconsin


Depth and style, function and aesthetic, some combine both, some just have good depth and are connected very well.

Lafayette - the big pegs are a great idea.
NDSU - The shear lag beam proved to work, Triple pinned. You may see a pin variation next season for UC Davis. Talking with the NDSU guys, it was a tough decision in making this deck, especially after the LSU issue in
Salt Lake City.
Lakehead - double angled, clean, tight bolt connections.
Cal - the box deck proved to be very stiff this season, or maybe it was the double tubed truss like
Lafayette had too.
Florida - Strong box deck, lock bolts, good stuff from the 2008 NSSBC Host.

Georgia Tech - Did anybody else think the folded web deck was really awesome? This was something that looked really good and had a lot of stiffness.
Minnesota - Dizeeeeep!


San Francisco State


Georgia Tech (Beam Web)


San Francisco State


North Florida - Chameleon paint or something.
Cal - Calmouflauge
UC Irvine
San Diego


UC Davis


The Alaskans
Deep South qualifier Mississippi State


Wisconsin (though slipping a little bit this season)

Portland State


SUNY Canton

Georgia Tech
Southern Poly

Lawrence Tech
UC Irvine


San Francisco State
Geneva College


Texas (best Truss Economy 2007)




NYCC of Technology


Honorable Mention: SUNY
Canton for Trusses


UC Davis


Lafayette College


North Dakota State






Midwest (1 + 4+18)/3 = 7.67
Mid-Pacific (2+9+19)/3 = 10
Tex-Mex (6+17)/2 = 11.5 (Somebody please let them do Regionals in February!!!)

Carolinas (10+15)/2 = 12.5
Southeast (12+16+22)/3 = 16.67


There to break the tension and remind us all that we're still in college. This award is given to the ones who support their team the best at construction.



We may have to start measuring this one in beers...
Hands down it's
San Francisco State (way in the back corner!)


NYCC of Technology

Texas A & M

(All Californians were excluded of course)


SUNY CANTON - complete with a fella who looks like an outfielder for the Oakland A's.


Florida NDSU
UC Davis
Texas SUNY Canton
Cal Wisconsin Clemson
Watch out for SF State!

Congrats to all the 2007 Steel Bridge Teams for a great season. Thanks again to CSU Northridge for putting up with all of us. Great year y'all! Until the Rules come out this summer! Peace.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

NSSBC in the LA Times

If this is liberal media bias, I'm all for it!!!,1,484048.story?coll=la-headlines-california

Great Job Scott, Ben and the Bison!!! 5 Time Champs baby! The next one will be on the SECOND hand, ha!

"2007 NSSBC Awards" coming soon...

Need about a day to reflect and recover...then we'll get the "Real" Northridge NSSBC Awards up, ha ha ;-)

And the 2007 Sausage Factory Award goes too...

Any stories or reflections of your own out there go ahead and email: -- we'll get 'em up as soon as we see them.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

City Tech is flying!

More on City Tech from the Metro:

With all these ladies on the squad, we may need a new NSSBC award category to compete with "The Sausage Factory Award". ha!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Roadtrips Kick Ass!

We get to go to Northridge on Thursday!

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QUICK reminder

Reminder here:

Cal Poly

Sounds like the Mustangs took some real licks at the PSWRC, a 1000 lb. hit for some friggin stainless washers, geez, that friggin' sucks. Word was they were in line to take top honors at the CSUN NSSBC for Efficiency.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tigers on the Prowl

After testing in with the best Carolinas Conference Efficiency Score, them Clemson Tigers are going cross country to get their southern California groove on baby!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

More on T.I.T.

From Japan, comes some awesome bloggin' people...and bridge builders!

ETS's Pontacier to be goin' cross country!

Link here:

rough translation from French:

At the time of the regional competitions 2007, held in the framework of a congress studying american Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the club Tomahawk hoisted itself to the 1st row of classification, getting ahead of its competitors for the aesthetic one and the rapidity of his prototype.

Eleven establishments participated in these competitions the 13 and April 14 to the university Cornell, in the New York state. The éts was the alone Canadian represented school.

Taking equally places on the podium, the club of the steel bridge Hercules of the éts classified itself to the 2nd row to general classification of the Regional Student Steel Bridge Competitions of the asce. The students distinguished themselves all particularly in the test of déflexion while classifying itself to the first row. They obtained the 2nd place in the categories speed assembly, weight, economy and rigidity.

The performance of the delegation of the éts at the time of this congress was worth for him the first place to final classification combining all the activities of the two days. A first one for a Quebec university!

The team of the concrete canoe will participate in the Canadian competition of the 10 to May 14 to the university Queen's to Kingston, in Ontario, and will be the alone Canadian team to participate in the American national competition of the 14 to June 16 to the university of Washington to Seattle. The club of the steel bridge Hercules will participate for its part to the national American competition of the 25 to May 26 to the university of California, situated to Northridge

Oregon U's get 2 out of 3 in the NW

Link here:

Penn State nabs Mid-ATL Third Place

Story here:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NJIT Steel Bridge's Britain Matarek to earn second Bachelor's degree, a civil engineering one. Good choice Britain!

Go Highlanders!
And get some water on them fires!


We are about this close to breaking the Steel Bridge sound barrier, then it's all gravy after that. Get some sleep everybody, relax, focus and breathe.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Michael BOLTon, hey is that your real name?

Minus 4 more bolts today, should save at least 10 seconds.

Woo hoo!

NSSBC 2007 Field

The Regional Results are in homies, now let's get a full list of those invited shall we?

From the Lone Star state comes perennial Texas power the Texas A & M Aggies, who're making their God knows how manyeth straight appearance at the NSSBC. Up and coming University of Texas Longhorns took the second spot. The Aggies will feature a beam that will no doubt have a great economy score associated with it. Texas will go with a 6 chord chicken foot flat top truss that was tops in lightness at the Tex-Mex held at Texas Tech in Lubbock in mid-January.

One of the best, if not, the best Steel Bridge Conference in recent years. Defending NSSBC Champions, the NDSU Bison, won top honors despite a few hiccups along the way. Thunder Bay's Lakehead University (5th in 2006 NSSBC) will be joining their MW counterparts with a strong second showing. The Bison will display their very lightweight V-Warren Truss, obviously designed with lightness and some economy in mind. It has a shear lag deck and is essentially built as a very large tube. Lakehead features a lightweight "AV" beam deck, which maximizes box depth. While the Bison topped the MW in efficiency, the Lakeheaders took home the MW gold for Economy. Both finished very close to each other, but look for NDSU to pull away with a better construction time come Northridge. Minnesota State University, Mankato hosted the Midwest Conference in mid-March. Minnesota will also be at the NSSBC. They showed strong stiffness and a good looking build crew in Mankato. They could pass Lakehead with some speed as well.

A tight race for first place out of Storrs, CT. UConn hosted the New England Regionals and they also managed to qualify for Cali. Merrimack, 2004 NE champion pulled out top honors due to a very good time. M.I.T., with the help of Merrimack alumnus, nabbed second, and UConn finished a close 3rd. Beams across the board for the NE regional qualifiers, look for some good economy coming out of the New England.

Some apparent issue with Arkansas State and the Mead Paper may leave them out of the NSSBC. ASU was the Overall Deep South Champion in Ruston but Mississippi State and Louisiana State have both qualified. Whether or not ASU was blocked from Nationals play, look for a good showing from the Deep South. LSU finished 3rd at the 2005 Nats in Orlando with a very good assembly time, they sport a spider leg truss with many chords, however, so the time may be a bit higher than usual. Mississippi State has a very straight forward chicken foot truss that was obviously good enough for 2nd at LA Tech, so they must be doing something right.

A HUGE friggin' conference that brings out a lot of Overall talent, not just Bridge, but also in the Concrete Canoe. Them Gators rise from the 2006 ashes and put up a smokin' good time and stiffness to take the SE crown held in Knoxville. Southern Poly will have to settle for second, and North Florida qualifies for the second year in a row. The Gators have produced a bit of a lowriding 6 chord truss that was built for speed. It is Urban Meyer approved and shows some NSSBC top 3-like stiffness numbers. UNF wields a 4 chord Monstro truss that looks both fast, and relatively light. SPSU is sporting a truss most likely that with a little work will be much faster come NSSBC time.

Speed, Speed, Speed for the Youngstown Penguins and their beam which performed very well in the Overall at Columbus. A surprise in Geneva College, who will make their first showing ever at the NSSBC. Geneva is also bolstering a beam for speed.

Lawrence Tech proves their mettle yet again with a very efficient truss design that could rival NDSU for lightness at Nats. Michigan State takes the second place trophy at MTU with an obviously solid effort in economy. Some Steel Bridge veterans are still wondering what has happened to Michigan.

Trying to rival the SE as the biggest Regional Conference in the nation. UC San Diego hosted the events on one of the prettiest campuses in America. The Tritons placed third with a rather exotic steeple type truss reminiscent of Steel Bridges from back in the 90's. 2007 NSSBC host CSUN took top honors and earn their own way into the NSSBC with a light looking truss. UC Irvine (Hi, I'm from Ivine...Hi John how are the kids? I hump like this...ha ha ha...pleasure, pleasure...) makes it to the NSSBC finally to join Davis and SD as the 3 UC's in the event. Irvine has a light looking truss as well.

Alright, the mystery conference. The Tigers of Clemson took 2nd Place Overall with a very deep, light looking and constructible flat top truss. Clemson definitely looks like a contender with that design. Rounding out the field is the 2007 Carolinas Champion, probably Georgia Tech, though maybe UNC Charlotte sneaks in and dominates like they've come so close to many a year. Also, one of the best Steel Bridge Conferences in recent years, both the Yellow Jackets and the Tigers finished very high last season.

Hosted by AK Fairbanks, the PSU Viks step up and take the Northwest with a very well balanced bridge. Portland State looks deep, constructible, and put up a decent stiffness. The only thing lacking here may be some weight issues. Oregon Tech and Idaho round out the top three. OIT had a hard, hard working construction crew putting together a very chordy design, and Idaho looks to have a very fast truss looking very much like SUNY Canton in 2005.

Regional power, the NJIT Highlanders put out a very constructible truss looking a lot like North Florida and SFSU from the Mid-Pacific. They took 1st in just about everything (again) at the Metro held in Brooklyn. New York City College of Technology will also be joining NJIT in California with another efficient looking truss.

Wyoming gets their beam down to a very minimal time, and holds up structurally to take the Rocky Mountain Highest Honor. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology take second and Colorado School of Mines takes third. The two later Mines schools both have shallow trusses that will do well in the Overall with a little bit of practice.

All Canton here folks, no question, they're light, they're fast, they don't deflect too, too much, it's the design that a Team needed to go with this year. Looks like a flat top truss with some very spidery looking cross chords in the right locations for the Northstars. More Canadiens in the mix as ETS again is coming to the NSSBC all trussed out after their second place finish at Cornell.

VMI was the host, and Virginia Tech Hokie spirt prevailed yet again. VT takes first place honors with the very, very light looking double V truss. WVU gets the second place nod being the stiffest in Lexington.

Out in the state of Kansas, UMKC takes home the MidCon gold with their wide walled 8 chord truss. Looks light, stiff, and seems to have a solid build crew. Kansas State burned through their construction run at Regionals and will show off their light and fast truss in SoCal. Mizzou goes beamin' and takes home 3rd.

The joint hosting job of Santa Clara and SJSU was phenomenal as the UC Davis Aggies rode home with golds in everything but stiffness. The Aggies will have a 4 chord spider leg truss that is light, nationally stiff, and getting more and more economical as the NSSBC gets closer. SFSU will travel downstate to join the Ags as the Mid-Pacific representatives. The have a double A truss with heavy wall tubing all around to boost stiffness. Their construction crew was very skilled and well practiced at Mid-Pac so look for a good showing by the West Coast Gators in Northridge.

Badgers, Badgers, Badgers! Fast time, reasonably light, and a solid stiffness, it's good enough for a smooth Overall victory at Purdue for Wisconsin. UIUC will have to again play catch up at Nationals with their flat top truss.

Lafayette is coming up and they have very high goals for themselves. They dominated the competition in College Park in almost all categories. Look for a light, fast bridge from the Leopards. Delaware will be in the mix at the NSSBC too with their Blue Hen truss. Penn State again, off the NSSBC radar for 2007.

Mid Pac Pics by UNR

We're up and running. The Ags and the SFSU Gators both qualified for Northridge this year. Wolfpack Steel Bridge unfortunately failed, they looked really light too, and they had like two dudes who were about 6'8" tall on the construction team.

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CP squared

Cal Poly Pomona has got some regional PSWRC action up on their webby.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Yet Another Merrimack Article...

Priceless how the Merrimack graduate gets beat at the New England by his former Team. Just the same, it's good to see M.I.T. getting in the mix finally.

Good Purdue article on PU Spotlight...

Link here:

WVU 2nd at Virginias

Mountaineers stiffen up and earn a trip to Northridge.

Idaho State Bengals

Photos up from Pocatello.

RPI Updated

RPI out of Upstate New York is building up for next season.

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From Yusuke's Blog (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.):



Lafayette College is in...

The Leopards are establishing themselves in the Mid-Atlantic as they take Regionals yet again. Sounds like they're going to be pretty good!

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Remember San Diego

Tokyo Institute of Technology has got their trip to Cali on film.

Link here:




No sleep for CUNY in Brooklyn

Anybody who has hosted knows it ain't easy competing and making sure things run right at a regional. Great job at the Metro by CUNY.

Link here:

Cyclone Express

Iowa State University teams up with Go! to spark interest in bridge building among today's aspiring young engineers.

Teams are starting to get their photos up.

If you've been invited, get a pic to the Matadors.
UC Davis
is sending theirs in when they're done with modifications after this weekend.


2nd Place Overall
Carolinas Conf.
Atlanta, GA

Virginia Tech

1st Place Overall
Virginias Conf.
Lexington, VA

Another good Wyoming Article

Link here vaqueros: