Friday, September 29, 2006

October starters

Phil and Matt discussed three different design philosophies at the Raiders vs. Browns game on Sunday. All would probably work for this year's bridge. The question is how efficient can a beam be at ~ 7 1/4" depth...8 1/2" depth (stacked?)? Fabrication and advanced planning will have to be at the forefront of the project decisions we're going to make in the next 8 weeks.

Design Meeting Thursday 10/5 right after the ASCE BBQ. Discuss bridge type selection, connections, but mainly construction issues concerns and tool/pier scenarios.

First General Meeting that will include all possible new members is set for:
Tuesday, 10/10, at 6:10 p.m. in 1213 Bainer Hall

-- no Wildcats, Hornets or Cal Bears allowed :-p

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

9/28 Mtg.

"Hey everyone, we've spoken with Dr. Cheng about setting up a directed study ECI 199 class for bridge and canoe. We would meet once a week, for an hour, either Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 6pm to discuss design issues (we'll split the time with canoe). If anyone is interested in signing up let me know which evening you'd prefer and if there's an evening you have a conflict. Also, Team meeting this Thursday at 6pm in the bridge room." - Jessica

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

September rush

Chrome Ollie will be starting up their formal/informal design sessions very quickly here. Captains are Jessica Revell and Phil Weeks. Jessica will be working in the shop for the next couple of weeks developing collar style connections for the truss, if we choose such a design, on the lathe. We bought some 4130 alloy chrome-moly stock a month ago for this.

Phil and Matt are discussing sheet metal options and increasing the active length, or development length, of each dovetail connection to better stiffness for a beam. If possible, we're trying to get the design down to a beamlike structure for quicker assembly. We don't want to go above 1.2" deflection if we can squeeze 2 or 3 minutes out of construction. If the PDM field test proves that a beam may work if connected properly, then we may very well use it, if not, one of the three truss design philosophies we have will go into further development. The basis for the truss will first be assembly, then lightness, and assuming the stiffnesses are comparable, then stiffness.

Recruitment will also be prominent this fall, as only a few people, if anybody, will be back for the '07-'08 season. Need to organize talks in ECI 131, ECI 135, ECI 171, ECI 179, and ENG104 for sure, perhaps some others in the Mechanical Department as well if we can get a MechE to do it. The Raiders got beat very badly yesterday, I guess they were busy remembering 9/11.